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Increase your credibility with business email that uses your domain/company name.


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We empower business owners to launch and scale their ideas online. From creating a website to promoting a brand, our products help entrepreneurs succeed.


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Services to power your business

Business Email


Logo & Branding

Now is the right time to turn your business ideas into a website. Build and grow your online presence.

We love to create amazing logos & brands for new and existing businesses. Let's create that graphic work for you.

From logo design & branding, domains, website development & business email services, we have a wide range of services that backs you up to do well.

We've got lots of jobs on our database and add to it daily. Search for jobs across companies, industries and careers. Plus, you also get daily alerts on companies new job postings.

Websites & Applications that do great things

Plenty Jobs

Property Live


Finding a property for a tenant is now made easy. Whatsapp/Web technology used to ensure both parties get the best value for what they're looking for.

Register domains, buy hosting, build websites - all by yourself

We build web, mobile and app based infrastructure to foster business relations




Introducing WebSkills

M.Sameson in partnership with various organisations will start training of thousands of youths across Africa to learn how to build  websites  for starting their businesses or an agency.